Salvation of Sam

Salvation of Sam

Salvation of Sam

Jonas has just lost wife, so he turns to some comfort of solitude by taking a walk in the forest. The forest is familiar to him, but the creature which he discovers lying on the forest path is not. Jonas, through his grief, is spurred into life as he sets off on a mission to do something for the creature that he couldn’t for Jolene, that is save it. As he searches the forest frantically for help, all he finds is setbacks which seems to push him further and further off the track to salvation and redemption. With people unable or unwilling to help him, and even going through a chance meeting with his recently deceased wife, will Jonas be able to save the dolphin?


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Ever since his youth, the forest had been an adventure playground for Jonas. A place to run, jump and climb within a world of isolation and freedom. A world away from the health and safety conscious confines of the modern world. Away from the collective aggressive mind-set of the society around him; fighting neighbours; customers causing arguments with shop tellers; the incessant noise created by the pace of the modern want-it-all world.

Feet pounding along the mulch track, Jonas rounded the corner by the familiar landmark of the petrified stump, that art installation of nature which appeared to wear several tortured faces upon its surface. Striding boldly past it in his own world, his mind enjoying the quiet, Jonas suddenly stumbled, veering sideways to avoid collision with an obstruction on the path.

Trying to keep his balance, and reaching out to the nearest tree for support, he let slip the bottle of water he was carrying, as he felt a sharp pain, a sudden pull in his knee as he stumbled up a verge.

Having cursed his luck before realising what truly was in front of him, Jonas hopped and supported himself against the tree. He had nearly trodden on something which had been poking out from beneath a grey, spongy blanket before him.

A large obstruction

A hefty, bulky body.

The mass of the body was shuddering and shaking violently underneath the wet cover. The sudden vibrations at the feet of Jonas pulled his focus back into focus. A sudden sense of grief gripped him as he watched this body, trapped in a foreign location, continue to convulse and shudder.

Jonas pushed himself off the tree and hobbled around the fallen mass, trying to quieten down his own pain in order to check for signs of obvious wounds to the unfortunate soul at his feet. Finding none, Jonas tentatively reached out to touch leathery but smooth skin. He tried as best he could to look underneath the wet, grey cover, lifting it from the centre. The cover was of a sponge-like material which Jonas assumed had been left soaking wet by whoever had left it there, most likely out of a hollow gesture to abolish guilt. It offered some protection against the heat of the summer’s day. Lighter dry patches, however, were already beginning to form on its grey surface.

Jonas patted the side of the body gently, relieved that he could see no blood anywhere after his rudimentary attempt at triage.

It hadn’t taken long. Looking down at what was before him, taking in and beholding the sight had acted as a temporary anaesthetic to his knee. Very rapidly the pain running through him was numbed as he saw clearly a tail and flippers flailing limply out from underneath the spongy wrap. The protruding flippers slapping gently against the forest track, almost appearing to be applauding the comedic arrival of Jonas.