Rising Waters


The Earth has been consumed by the rising waters. The land has become scarce. A solution the overcrowding was necessary. An off-world one was found, a chance of salvation and to start over again on Second Earth. A yearning to experience the Earth one last time before departure leaves one Military Guard facing the crushing weight of loneliness. But not of the kind that she imagined.


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When evolution sits at the table against man and smiles confidently at his flush, evolution is unaware that man always deals with an ace up his sleeve.

For man, see, he always cheats.

Cheats in life.

Cheats death.

Cheats his brothers.

Cheats himself.’

Strange words spoken by a strange man. Spoken a long time ago, when that man was my age now, and I was just looking up at him in awe. He towered over me, head amongst the clouds and his words, guttural and laced together by solemn tongue would fall upon my ears and disintegrate. I had no comprehension of what the words he spoke meant. The staccato words that gathered deep behind the furrowed lines of his forehead would fall on me like raindrops. I’d feel them strike me with a force prevalent in mysticism. The rain of words left me subdued and cold by the things I could not understand.

Years later I was holding the metal wire, fingers wrapped around its cold veins. I can only imagine what the people on the outside had been thinking at the time that the chaos erupted. The mass panic from the wildfire rumours that not all of them were going to be saved. Not even the constant broadcasts of screened messages from the Last Chancellor ensuring people that the rumours were lies, didn’t manage to quell the panic entirely. Everyone wanted to be saved but the fears, the doubts set in. Some had to be kept out by force, with casualties among those who tried to jump the lines and get in.

Those people out there would have been fearing that their statuses were going to count for nothing in the end. That they were just forgotten numbers standing in the persistent rain. A rain that for so long had impregnated the hardcore beneath all of our feet and had produced a poppy field of morose, dejected flowers outside of the perimeter fence. They were the last on the list, the Greens, lowest down the pecking order for survival but they wanted their freedom just like the elite Reds who had already taken a flight to better things off world.

The academics, the lawmakers, the doctors, the agriculturists, the military elite, the scientists, they were the ones who departed first with their Red status. Those selected through gene testing to produce the healthiest babies followed along with the politicians, artists and educators. It made sense, they would be the ones to be arriving at the colony on Second Earth, first of all, to get things settled. They were the ones who were charged with establishing it all, the very best of the old society to set up the new one.