A chance glimpse of a flower drives Simon on a hunt to possess the rare bloom. It’s a flower whose beauty lies in the willpower of the owner. Is just having it, enough?

For the man who has it all, the opportunity to land an exclusive flower, is too alluring to pass up for Simon. It will propel his wife to the top of the social ladder if he can possess it. But what is its real cost?


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This story was inspired by a Reedsy Prompt which are always fun and pretty useful to take a look at. The bones of the story was actually lying around for many years though and the prompt gave the inspiration to pull it all together. The prompt was about seeing someone drop a wallet on the ground and in there you see a strange photo.

So this story is all about a man who sees a photograph of a flower in a wallet that a woman drops on the ground out on the street. He is so allured by the flower that he tracks her down and buys it from her. He is a rich man who has everything and this unique, rare flower is an opportunity to give something extraordinarily special to his wife. In doing so, he hopes it will raise her social standing by revealing the flower to all at their anniversary party