7 Websites I can’t do without as a writer

We are apparently not supposed to be clinging to material things in life. It is supposed to be more about the spiritual, those precious things that we can’t let go of like memories, love and peace. Those are more important than the sunglasses I found on sale at Kohls.

I was thinking about what things in the material world I couldn’t let go of (or would have a hard time doing so). But then I got to thinking, as a writer what are the things I need the most? It boiled down to simply pens and paper and that wouldn’t have made for a particularly interesting blog post.

So my meandering train of thought led me to wondering just what online tools I can’t do without (as a writer). Anyway, are Websites a physical thing? I can’t quite figure that one out really, but there are certain things that I do need in this life as a writer. There are website which I realized now just how frequently I use and just how much I rely on them for my craft.

I thought I’d share:


For some reason I still think of Reedsy as a little secret pleasure that not many know about. I wouldn’t go as far as a dirty little secret, but you get the idea. There are some great services on there for everything that you need from editing to design. But there are some wonderful learning courses on there which are just free things sent on a daily basis via email to get you thinking. I’ve used them. I’ve enjoyed them because they are quick and easy to do. They do fire out paid courses here and there, but I have got a lot from the free ones. Then there is their prompts every Friday (with a prize) for short stories that I’ve mentioned once or twice on this website.


I don’t recall how I found Smashwords, but it matters that I did. That’s my introduction to actually putting my work out there in the world. Without the discovery of Smashwords my stories would be collecting digital dust somewhere, unfinished and unpublished. I still get a thrill when I get to release a story. I get a bigger thrill when I get a review! It’s not just that it also feels like a community of people trying to do the same thing, all trying to walk the same walk and I have made contacts with other authors there and discovered some cool little reads.


Bascally I ned it.*


A surprise entry onto the list of websites I need. I could have gone with Amazon for this because of Kindle downloads, but I like shopping around on eBay for used old books that I want to read. By reading I get inspired. Getting inspired makes me want to write. So yes, eBay gets on to my must-have list of websites.


I couldn’t get by with my writing without Google. Well technically I could because there are so many other services out there, but thankfully for Google Docs I know where all of my writing is and I know that it’s safe. I also know that it is accessible. It is now just so familiar, with it clean simple interface that I like, that I wouldn’t change.


I had a late entry to make it six after thinking it was going to just five websites (but now writing this I need to add another one as well after). The list grows and my dependency is looking more and more intense. Anyway, I love designing my covers on Canva. They have templates, you can start from scratch, it’s free to use and I can produce some fantastic stuff there. Did I mention it’s free to use? It’s so easy, so much fun to play around with and use. Once I found Canva for my cover designs, I haven’t looked back.


I had no idea where to turn to for pictures to use for my book covers until I found Pixabay. Royalty free, quality images that I can use and do anything I want with them. Pixabay and Canva together are a powerful combo for book design, well at least mine.


So there you go. I hope in a way that some of that helps other writers out there.

Please leave a comment below for any sites that you can’t do without as a writer!!


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