Bookcrossing – better late than never

I’m generally a little late to the party I find. I don’t mean turning up fashionably late to a swanky soiree or to someone’s 50th birthday long after “surprise” has been shouted. I’m talking about finding out about things that go on in the world. I do tend to keep my head buried in the sand, block out the outside world in order to focus on things that I need to do. I’m pretty solitary, I like quietude, solitude, skeptical attitudes and a lot of coffeetude(?).

Even when I listen to music, I find that I don’t listen to new stuff. It’s such a weirdly difficult thing to do. Well, not difficult perhaps, more out of stubbornness or just trying to be cool in my retro-ness. One of my favourite bands ever are Radiohead. I always find that I am about three albums behind new releases. It start really heavily getting into an old one when a new one comes out. But then we all have our weirdness (let’s not sugar coat it).

So back to my point.


I was browsing reviews of something on Goodreads the other day, what was it? Probably Fahreneit 451 and I saw someone mention the term ‘Bookcrossing’. That was something I had never heard of before, something that I could not even dream up in my head as to what it could be. My original quick Google search turned up a Facebook page, but I don’t use Facebook as I’m so antisocial, so I skipped clicking on that.

I found the main website at

I fell in love with such a brilliant idea and was left wondering why this wasn’t a bigger deal. Unless it is, and it’s just not been on my radar. Looking at the copyright on the website it has been going since 2001. The basic premise is, you can leave a book somewhere for someone to find and then they do their part on the other end, so you can track where the book ends up, as they pass it on and on.

Simplicity. I got all pumped up thinking that I wanted a part of this, that I could go I let a book go into the wild and go and find one. Then my bubble was slightly burst when I saw that in Las Vegas, the ENTIRE city has no books left by anyone else to go and find. I surely can’t be so out of the loop in thinking that there isn’t anyone out there who likes a good novel. Surely not everyone is on the strip getting drunk of yardstick drinks and falling in the Bellagio fountain.

Maybe it that’s no-one just wants to give up anything up, it’s not always easy in being charitable and giving things away. I will admit that a defeatist attitude popped up and I thought screw it all to Hell then, I’m not going to bother. Then I realised that would make me part of the problem. I could get up and start a Bookcrossing revolution in Las Vegas. Just because no-one else is doing it, doesn’t mean that it’s all futile.

So I’m going to jump into this and pop some books out there, probably on a park bench here and there for someone to find. It’s a wonderful thought that someone’s day could be made by having a book fall into their lap. Just think of a child’s face if they were to pick up a book and cherish it. It could inspire them to read more and more and that could all set the wheels in motion for me having done my part in trying to promote literature.

I have started getting into manifestation again (thanks Pam Grout!) and just think about this. If I left a book on a bench and someone that day woke up, asking the universe for a free book, then they go to the park and voila! Boom, I would have made that happen for them, I would be playing a bigger part in the cosmic jumble of things that I could imagine.

My bookcrossing user name is CaptainFS if you want to look me up.

“Plant trees. They give us two of the most crucial elements for our survival: oxygen and books. ”

A. Whitney Brown



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