New Release – Christian Tomatoes

Christian TomatoesChristian Tomatoes

It has been a busy start to 2017 for me, a happy and productive one, and I have just published another short story on Smashwords which is available now for a download. This is an old story written back in 2002 which seems like an eternity ago.

It is only around 1500 words so it is quick one and it’s free.

It’s basically a dark fantasy story about a scenario where the main character finds himself trapped amongst tomatoes in the middle of nowhere. The reason why of course becomes evident in the end. I can’t say a lot more because that would give the story away.

If I do remember correctly, this just originated from the title which jumped into my head and the story grew, no pun intended, out of that.

Here’s the opening

Christian sits with the tomatoes now. It’s not by choice. “How’d the fishing trip go?” his colleagues back at the steel factory would ask him, but how could he possibly reply to such a question? “Captured by a horde of docile tomatoes. Went well, thanks.”

The heat bothers him.

It had been warm out on the lake, bobbing up and down in the idyllic setting, waiting for the line to be pulled by the catch of the day. There’s irony for you, thinks Christian. Who’s catch of the day now? Christian is sat with arms tied tightly to the back of the chair upon which he sits. His ankles are also tied together and a rope around his thighs bind him tightly to the seat.

It’s a FREE download at Smashwords


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