Looking for “death” submissions from writers

Head StoneI’m currently working on a blog post/article exploring the inspiration of “death” and I wanted to put a shout out to anyone who would like to participate with any thoughts on the topic. Most of my catalog of stories is filled with death and it has remained a very strong theme for my writing since the beginning. I wanted to explore just what the fascination, as a writer, with death is and I decided to put together a nice article for the blog about it.

But then I started wondering what other writers thought about death.

Just why is death such a fascinating topic for writers.

Why is it inspiring and what is the allure of it?

If you would like to contribute something to the article, I would just need a short paragraph as to why death appeals to you as a writer. I’ll put in a link to your blog/website or social media page as well of course as a token of appreciation. My goal is to get it posted on http://www.thisidealfiction.wordpress.com by January 21st, hopefully sooner.

I’m hopefully going to be doing a series of these articles exploring different topics of inspiration and if you want to participate in future ones, let me know too!

Just contact me through one of the share buttons below or fill this thing out….


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