Title change clears the way for lift off

Space ShuttleSo it all begins. I have started and have actually completed (self-pat on the back for me) the first chapter of This Ideal Fiction. This is an important step for me, because the entire story has been drifting around in my head for a good few years now. I forget exactly how long, but I remember the inspiration. It was in watching Will Ferrell play Harold Crick in “Stranger than Fiction”. That was a 2006 movie so it was probably a good two or three years after that, because I saw it on TV and not at the movies.

Anyway, that’s not really important as that’s highlighting my procrastination and missing the point that I have actually started my story and 2017 is going to be the year of This Ideal Fiction. I have been writing for a long time, a long, long time since back in my late teens and this story is something of a landmark for me. Since I dreamed up the concept and outline plot (which is not going to be subject to a spoiler-alert because I’m not revealing it in this post) it has felt like ‘the one”. The one that I am supposed to write. The one that I need to write. I’m that connected to it.

I’ll tell of what really triggered things to kick off. It wasn’t just optimism of driving to preset goal at the start of a new year, it was actually in changing the working title. Yep, I’d been stuck with a title in my head for the story for so long, but it wasn’t working in the end for me and for the longest time I could not see it. I can only assume now, looking back, that maybe it was the title subconsciously blocking me all that time from getting on with the writing process. I have written other stuff in that time span, I just couldn’t get started on the one story that was occupying my head so much, even to the degree that I would generally fall asleep at night planning it out.

So I changed that title. I found an obvious title in This Ideal Fiction (which was the title of an unpublished short story of mine from way back which is unlikely to ever see the light of day) and it is the title which I’d used to set this blog up with. So the real title was staring me in the face all the time and I couldn’t see it. Since scribbling the new name on the front of my writing pad, the story has been flowing.

Can the wrong title really land a ton of writers-block (or procrastination) upon one’s creativity?

It seems to have been a major sticking point for me in this one. It’s not something I have ever encountered before and was wondering if any of your authors out there have been stumped by it. It’s just a little strange as the story remains the same, but it has finally been unleashed, just because of that title change. So I found that it may be worth discussing this important aspect of your story with someone, because until I pulled it out from under my hat of secrecy, I  remained oblivious to the problem that I was having with the original working title.

So I’m glad I’m through that. I have had a modicum of success on Smashwords and peddling my short stories there (click here if you want to browse my catalog) but I feel and believe that once This Ideal Fiction is ready to roll, this will be a turning point in my life as a writer. Sure, I want it to sell and find readers enthusing about it on Goodreads and I want to be rolling in Amazon review success, but I believe that the book will signify an arrival of yes, maybe after all I can really do this writing life.

Maybe, and this would be highly unusual for me, that I actually believe in the success that I can bring to myself. The plan is to go to print with the book, to make a full-fisted go of this and not just go the ebook route (there’s nothing wrong with ebooks at all, but my dream from early writing days is always to have a book on a shelf for sale or in a library). I have to cite other contributing factors to initiation though. Pam Grout’s great E-cubed and E-squared books which help with manifestation, and from following the journey of author friend Mark Taylor who has been down this route.

This Ideal Fiction is going to be bigger and bolder than anything I’ve written before and the journey, for interest and posterity sake will be all on this blog. The first chapter is in the bag and it only took me seven days. I am going by a goal of weekly chapters being written, not by x-amount of words per day. One chapter a week is going to be a steady pace that I can tick along with and get the whole thing done in a reasonable amount of time this year.

Reasonable compared to the many years of trying to get it started anyway.


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