New Release – The Observer

the-observerThe Observer

My new short story release is out. Finally! It has taken some time to get there because of changes and other time-sucking factors, but The Observer is now out and ready to download at Smashwords right now!

The new release actually came from an idea by a friend, Mark Taylor, the author of The Past Lives of Adam Capello. It was an idea which sparked into life and this is the first new thing which I have written for some time. The idea was about being watched and I wanted to explore a character in the most minimal way that I could, but at the same time have the entire plot hang on the presence of that character you know nothing about. That will be The Observer.

Richard finds himself stuck inside of another man’s body from which he wants to free himself and get back to his wife. He also wants to get away from the guilt and persecution of an innocent life having been taking by his new hands. However, the “other him” looks happy with the switch and an Observer is holding Richard’s fate in his hands.

Hope you enjoy it and for this weekend launch only you can download it for free from Smashwords using the promo code KJ43U.

Of course, you don’t have to use the promo code if you are one of people who like to support the work of self-publishing authors of course! So check it out and any comments left on the Smashwords page would help me tremendously. I’ll be exploring the title more in my Uncoverd series where I get into more depth about the inspiration, the plot and the characters.




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