Why am I writing this book?

I read a question recently asking why I write. Well, not so much of why I write, but why I want to write the novel that I want to. I do, I want to write a novel and I have had the story floating around in my head for a few years now and it has lived and breathed in my conscious and subconscious mind all that time.

As of yet, it remains as far from being completed as my chances of winning an Olympic Gold medal are. To put it into context, it has taken me a good couple of years to settle on the just the title.

Anyway, as part of the exercise asking why I want to write, I’m supposed to be writing down the answer, to help me get to the meat of the question. To really delve deep into why this manifestation of creativity has to come out of me. Well, to be honest I don’t have to dig all that deep because the reason why is pretty clear to me, I’ve just not thought about it all that much.

So I have been taken along down the stream of life, but at no point have I really picked up a paddle and steered.

My novel is pretty much based on my own life and my own struggles through it. It couldn’t get any more personal than that really for me. I have always been a pretty reticent, secluded person who, when I have been pulled out into the world, it has been in the slipstream of events largely created by other people. So I have been taken along down the stream of life, but at no point have I really picked up a paddle and steered.

So I know I am not alone in being this kind of person and the things I have gone through in life aren’t even spectacularly unusual. They are things which many others will have been through, but they are personal to me and they have fuelled the story I want to tell about the journey. But it’s not just that, it is about delivering a little bit of hope and positivity that hey, the Universe actually has our back no matter what.

I’m not sure if this is conceited or not, but I don’t want to be forgotten when I shuffle off this mortal coil.

I want to emote how to take better charge, to be the clichéd captain of your own ship in life’s ocean and that’s it. If I can touch one person with inspiration about how to create all of that, it will all have been worth it. I’ve never wanted to write for fame. I’ve never wanted to write so that someone can pat me on the back, but there is one other motivating factor behind the need to write my novel and that’s being remembered. I’m not sure if this is conceited or not, but I don’t want to be forgotten when I shuffle off this mortal coil.

My answer to that problem was always fairly simple for me. Go and write and novel and see it sat on the shelf of a library. That’s my enduring mark to be left on the world. One book with my name on it, sat in the library. That’s poignant to me, because I would be sitting among my peers and other hopefuls clinging on to immortality long after they have deceased.

The question that sparked all of this was from Reedsy Learning. I signed up for their mini course of “How To Start Writing a Book because for the simple fact that I haven’t gotten very far with my novel, I’ve clearly been missing something. Already, just getting in touch with the reason why I need to write this has been a tremendous help in steering myself through the choppy waters ahead. I guess after all, everything has to have a purpose.



4 responses to “Why am I writing this book?

  1. Don’t give up ! You’ll get there! My aim is to write as many books in my lifetime as I can 🙂 I’ve completed two so far and onto my third.

    • Thanks Millie! That’s pretty inspiring! What an ambition! I’m more into writing short stories, but I have one big idea that needs exploring on a bigger setting. So that will probably be just my only one, but never say never right!

      • Yes never say never! How much have you written of this big idea so far by the way? If you need any encouragement just let me know! I’m not so good when it comes to writing tips though, I’m the type of writer who learns from actually sitting down and writing every day – I know nothing when it comes to the technical side of things haha. My novels are probably pretty shit, but I hope by the 5th ot 6th my writing style improves… 🙂

      • Hi Millie. I”m probably a chapter in. Actually, I’ve rewritten the first chapter about three times from scratch and upon further thought, that’s going out of the window as well because I’ve rethought the whole thing again because I want this to be everything I think it can be and I’ll drive myself crazy until it’s right! lol. The whole story is in my head though as I lay awake at night planning it. It’s awesome that you write so much, I’m a huge procrastinator, but have just finished a new short story which I managed to do in two days (needs editing work though). I admire people who sit and write everyday, so big kudos! Where can I get your books from so I can give them a read anyway? Don’t worry about your style, its a process of discovery and my style has changed over the years through my short story work. I guess it’s whatever feels right at the time!

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