2017 Sunday Times EFG Short Story Award

There is another deadline comping up pretty soon for a great short story writing contest. There is still time to make your submissions for the 2017 Sunday Times EFG Short Story Award.

There is a huge, huge prize award to the winner of this one, to the tune of £30,000! This competition was founded back in 2010 and this is an international award so you can send entries in from wherever you are. The word limit on this one is 6,000 and the stories do have to be written in English and they have to be unpublished. If you do want to submit a published work then it has to have been published after 31 December 2015.

The nice thing about this prestigious award is that if you can make it on to the five-book shortlist then you will receive a £1,000 award and the cash is dished out by the Society of Authors.

To be eligible, the author must simply have a record of prior publication in creative writing in the United Kingdom or Ireland.

It will be easiest to send of digital entry on this one, if you do it by mail then you will need 11 copies to submit. The deadline for entries is 6pm (GMT) on Thursday, 29 September 2016.

Check out the full terms and conditions and get an entry in!


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