Forgetting the cornerstones of Making It Real

Alright well the second phase of Operation Manifestation is in the book then. For those who may have missed my other blog posts in my Making It Real section, then this is a journey of abundance and manifestation thanks to a fire that was lit under my backside by Pam Grout’s book E-Cubed. It is a book of experiments to show the practical and physical results of practicing a new way of thinking, of abundance and creating what you want.

So the second experiment that I went through was going through a list of things that I would intentionally set out to see within the following 72 hour period. I went directly with the list that the author laid out in the book, which included:

  • A beach ball
  • The number 222
  • A belly laugh
  • A baby’s smile
  • An elderly person in a hat
  • A billboard with a personal message

Well, I would have to report that they kind of fell into place pretty quickly. It’s wasn’t hard to find the number 222 at all, I found a couple of examples on a garage door and a mailbox pretty easily, the very night that I started this one actually. It’s also related to my birthday which was cool. I nailed the baby smile and a belly laugh as well pretty quickly as they were so easy to come across. The billboard with a personal message I saw on the second day and that message was “express yourself” which I exactly what I am trying to do with all this.person-1166148_1280

I want to grow into a happier, more expressive person to try and fit into the world around me a little bit better. The only two off the full list that I didn’t manage to see in the 72 hour period that I set for this quest, was a beach ball and the elderly person in a hat. I didn’t notice either popping up on tv, nor while out and about. I found myself getting a little bit stressed in that I wasn’t going to complete the list before the time but then I realised how ridiculous I was being. On a positive note, I didn’t chastise myself for being so!

That would probably help me no end with being a writer if I was a better observer of the world than I am.

OK, so the point of this was to notice everything in the world around me, and I simply took this as a training tool to be in tune more with what is around me. That would probably help me no end with being a writer if I was a better observer of the world than I am. Anyway, I dialled it back and remembered that I was not supposed to be getting stressed, that this journey was supposed to be happy. Happy and fun but I guess I my subconscious was pulling me back to some bad old habits about making things unnecessarily complicated and joyless.

So I’ve had to take a step back and ramp up my happiness factor. I will admit that since the first day of waking up in the morning and making those first moments full of happy thoughts and positive reinforcements, I have not hit the same intensity since. So I have had to go back to the basics and reinforce that happiness. I’ve started upping the output in doing my mantra (“something wonderful is going to happen to me today”) and happy dance in front of the bathroom mirror twice a day. I have tried to consciously call on happiness and gratitude when something is amiss.

The other thing I took away from this metaphysical scavenger hunt was that I forgot another key component of this whole thing. That I wasn’t being grateful, I wasn’t showing gratitude when the other things on the list showed up. I was fully expecting them to show up, but I forget to send my thanks out there for them being in place for me to see. As you can see, this is a learning curve and I am believing that the one step back will help propel me forwards.

So I’ve had to take a step back and ramp up my happiness factor.

Analysing the last few days I realise how easy it is to fall back into old ways. Forgetting to be happy (which sounds ridiculous but it’s true) and not being grateful (easily done in taking things for granted). Forgetting to let my guard down and not care what people think. This change takes some work but with the two main cornerstones in place, I still feel hugely optimistic.

Happiness and gratitude.

They help. I did ask for a second calling for the Universe to amuse me with some personal/indoor amusement and it delivered that. That came through a random video when my Englishness and complications over people understanding my accent came to the light in a humourous manner. That’s two for two from asking the Universe for personal amusements which is pretty impressive.

Now I am onto my third experiment. I thought of making a new list of things to go out and find to do the second grade over again, but as I already read the next experiment, which is to rewrite a story of my life to rewire my brain, I’m in the flow of that right now. Stay tuned and in tune.


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