New Release – Salvation of Sam

The Salvation of samJonas has just lost wife, so he turns to some comfort of solitude by taking a walk in the forest. The forest is familiar to him, but the creature which he discovers lying on the forest path is not. Jonas, through his grief, is spurred into life as he sets off on a determined mission to do something for the creature that he couldn’t do for his wife Jolene, that is save it. As he searches the forest frantically for help, all he finds is setbacks which seems to push him further and further off the track to salvation and redemption. With people unable or unwilling to help him, and even going through a chance meeting with his recently deceased wife, will Jonas be able to save the dolphin?

Author Notes
This is probably one of the more straight-forward, most accessible short stories that I have produced. I wanted to blend some humour with a range of emotions and my own little twist of oddness. There is also one of my favourite monologues I have written in there too, when Jonas can’t contain himself and starts unloading his woes upon the creature. The dolphin is basically just a representation of how alone and lost we can feel at times in our lives.

Ok, so here’s a little sampler!

It’s no fun being lost, or feeling lost is it? You lose someone and you feel empty. I cried with my pillow all night after Jolene had passed. I was on the floor because I couldn’t sleep in our bed. And, ironically the following day I came out to this forest as I couldn’t deal with everyone asking if I was ok. Of course I wasn’t, right? But again the first few times I’d been asked I’d lied and said I was fine. But losing her just made me want to lose myself. I ran out here, thinking maybe I’d trip and crack my skull open, or plough into the biggest tree, or just keep running till I fell off the edge of the earth. But as I was running, Sam, I felt selfish for feeling like that. Like I felt guilty for being alive and she about to be laid to rest. I tell you Sam, these emotions they have no sense. They all get scrambled up in your head or your heart or wherever they reside and all end up just getting shed in buckets full of tears and you don’t know why. Useless tears that have no purpose other than to make you feel embarrassment and shame because you break down in tears in public. You go to pieces at the slightest thing like hearing a song in a shop that reminds you of the time you surprised your girl with a picnic for your first wedding anniversary. Reminds you how that same song was playing on the car radio when you rolled up in the park and removed her blindfold.

Get the free full e-book publication from here: Salvation of Sam


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