Did I miss the Dude’s delivery?

You have a choice. You have the option to grasp whatever you can think up basically in life. You have a choice to make those choices. There is a whole unseen world of potential waiting to deliver all of your greatest desires and I would like a slice of that. A big, juicy piece of that metaphysical pie you can slap on my plate for sure. While we’re at it I would actually love a bit of lemon meringue pie now. Mmmm, pie.

We all need a piece of pie

We all need a piece of pie

That’s a nutshell version of what I started reading in Pam Grout’s book E-Cubed and after my first dip into the first thought experiment that was in the book, I need to follow up on the results. The first experiment was to be happy. Sounds pretty simple. Put a smile on your face and dance through the day taking everything in your stride. Look, there goes a unicorn and a rainbow which look remarkably like a couple of bills which just arrived in the mail. Oh well, that’s still amazing and thank you for it.

Look, there goes a unicorn and a rainbow which look remarkably like a couple of bills which just arrived in the mail. Oh well, that’s still amazing and thank you for it.

Along with being happy, I took away that gratitude is the big gear that turns everything. I have really thrown myself into this “Thank you” mode, because it opens bigger channels of reception for yourself, which makes sense. If you receive you should be grateful for it. But I wondered why I should be grateful for seeing another bill, why should I say thanks for that? Wouldn’t that just encourage more of those pesky things? But then I realised, there’s a much bigger picture. Without the cable bill, that means that I wouldn’t have the Internet available to do the writing that makes a living, nor be able to watch episodes of Ghost Adventures. Without that water bill, no clean water at my fingertips to quench thirst, clean my clothes properly and all the modern comforts which come from that.

So what are some examples of other things that I have been grateful for over the first three days of experimentation? Well, my sandals so that I wasn’t walking on hot, hard ground lugging grocery bags up three flights of stairs. I was grateful for my legs being strong enough to get me up the stairs. I was grateful for having an apartment at the top of the stairs and immensely grateful for the AC that was inside. I was thankful for being woken up in the night by a screaming baby.

That signalled a moment to appreciate the fact that she is there in my life. I was grateful for having the time to walk to the school bus stop. I was grateful for the job that I have, for soft toilet paper, toothpaste and my little dog that I trip over at least five times a day because she likes to live under my feet. This way of thinking basically, I think, shakes you out of complacency and from taking what is around you for granted. So that’s been happening and it feels good, and when I think, more often than not a smile naturally comes to my face.

But I also gave out a demand to the Universe, for the Dude to show me a sign that the field of potential is there, that it’s real and that I can get anything from it that I like. I’m wondering if happened to miss his knock on the door, because I’m not the most observant person in the world. I’m not and I easily miss things. The biggest thing I took away as a sign was that Pam Grout retweeted one of my Tweets. That’s sure a sign that the Dude delivered, because that was an interaction from the author of the very book that I’m reading about manifesting and synchronicity.

Granted it was a subtle sign and therefore I wondered if I had missed something bigger.

Granted it was a subtle sign and therefore I wondered if I had missed something bigger. So I was grateful for the second experiment in the book, going out and paying attention to things and noticing that you can pull into your consciousness the things you are expecting to see. If you expect to see something, then you will. This second experience requires a post all of it’s own when I complete it, so I’m not going to delve into it more here. But then I started thinking and trying to piece together more clues that the Universe had indeed delivered.

One of the intentions I had happily sent out was for some inside joke, personal to me, to come to me and amuse me. This happened pretty much straight off the bat, when in a very rare communication from a nephew on Facebook happened. The post had been a Halloween Trick or Treat idea of disguising onions and Candy Apples. Why is that personal to me? Because I love onions and eat them raw, like and apple and my nephew had obviously remembered this and made note of it on this post.

Why I got butterflies

So that’s a clue right? butterfly-1613341_640That amusement was delivered. Then on the first morning of the happy mode, I started noticing butterflies. Grout makes reference in the book, along with quotes from people who had sent her correspondence, about butterflies. In her E-Squared book, one of the experiments is to manifest butterflies as proof that this gig all works. Now I hadn’t set intentions to see butterflies, but that morning I happened to watch the opening credits of Sesame Street for the first time ever and there was a butterfly. Previously to that, during the morning my granddaughter had mentioned a butterfly and then a kicker. As soon as I logged into Twitter that morning, right there in the middle of the updated Tweets was one about butterflies.

what better way to perplex the Universe than by asking to see a pair of Wellies?

So there suddenly was a morning of butterflies out of nowhere, well, somewhere of course, the field of potential. What I had actually set intention out to come across was Wellies. Good old Wellington boots. I live in a desert and it’s not something that you would normally see, so I thought that this would be a tester for the Dude, what better way to perplex the Universe than by asking to see a pair of Wellies? So was it a teaser for the Dude? Well it was coming towards the end of the 48 hour time period and there, what I did I see on TV? It was a brand new commercial (forget what for right now, but maybe I should have paid attention because it could have been a sign) and there was a kid in Wellies. I haven’t seen it since, incidentally. So these have been signs that this stuff works.


Aware of Awareness

The one question that I do have is this. Is this just about awareness? The butterflies would still have been there regardless even if I had not noticed them, right? So is it just noticing or manifesting? The good thing is, is that it is a win-win situation either way. If it is just awareness then it means that if I look for whatever I want, it is already out there (perhaps in front of my face) and I can just find it. If it is manifesting, then I can create it. The journey continues.


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