Making it. Making it real

So last night I started a journey which I shall log in here. Everyone likes following along on a trip right? I hope that this is one of those trips that will offer some insights and maybe some inspiration. I of course, am not doing it just for that. I’m basically doing this for me and I’m loving myself enough to embrace the slightly selfish sounding resonance that comes with it. But at the end of the day no-one can go on this journey for me, I can’t ring up a replacement to step in for me and do all the easy work for me (I was going to say hard work, but I’m changing habits to a more positive and optimistic output – not all work has to be hard, right?).


No, of course not. I want this and I’m going to do this.

What exactly? Well, manifest what I want out of life, be my own creator. There is a little anecdote that I need to slip in here. While telling my wife about this new book I had downloaded, which had been described as “‘The Secret’ on crack”, I described it as just that, “‘The Secret’ on crack” to here. But I only saw a slightly puzzled response on her face. So I tried my best to explain this book, which incidentally is called E-cubed by Pam Grout and it took a while, but I finally saw her face change to happier visage. Then she explained that she thought I was reading a book about the secret of crack and couldn’t understand why on earth that would appeal to me. Of course I was talking about “The Secret” the book by Rhonda Byrne, the mother of manifestation books.

a tipping point for me in being able to grab more mental space

Anyway, to the point. While waiting for the start of the new school year to come ever since the final day of the last term, I was struggling for clarity. Obviously I wasn’t waiting for the new school term to come so I could strap on my backpack and re-learn what a verb, noun and adjective is, but I was eagerly waiting to get kids out from under my feet. I wanted so quickly to put an end to tripping over non-attention paying little kids every time I turned around. To stop having to look for silent escapes from the constant squeaking of Sesame Street, bickering siblings and unsubstantiated temper tantrums by taking 20-minute bathroom breaks. To not have to duck down behind the kitchen counter to sneak a cookie from the pantry without having been seen. That kind of thing.universe-1044107_640

I was looking ahead, completely not “in the moment” at all at any point of the summer and was waiting for the peace that would follow on the first day of school. This felt like a turning point, a tipping point for me in being able to grab more mental space, to breathe and collect thoughts that didn’t involve coming up (usually futile efforts) with fiendishly clever pointless busy work for the little ones to do, just to keep them out of my hair. I wanted the start of the new school year to be a new start for me in achieving the things that I want to achieve.

So what are my personal goals?

  • Write my big story – my masterpiece
  • Write more short stories
  • Run a half marathon and land a top-5 finish in a 5k
  • Publish more short stories and grow my website
  • Get better at/learn more card tricks
  • Be happy

Simple stuff right? These are things only I can do and want to do. But I’ve always had to “be in the right frame of mind” to get to them. Now, the last one I quickly found out through reading the first thought experiment in E-cubed is the most important of all. Be happy, have a little fun and the manifesting becomes so much easier. So I took the plunge and made this real people.

Making it real

I woke up this morning and the first thing I told myself was that “something wonderfully amazing is going to happen to me today”. I had a little singsong in my head while brushing my teeth to an old Oasis tune called “Stay Young” and did some epic rock star fist pumping in the mirror and told the Universe to amuse me with something, an inside joke within the next 72 hours.

The night before I had asked the Universe to prove to me, in whatever fashion, for proof that the field of potential from where things are manifested from is real. The dude has 48 hours to respond. So going back to my new start for the new day of finding a new and improved way of being. The first five minutes of my day are hugely important. It sets the tone, shakes things up and if it’s positive, happy energy, that’s what I can run through with for the day. This was a game changer to the usual two-minute effort of heaving and sliding myself unenthusiastically out of bed in the morning and stumbling with eyes half-crusted shut to the bathroom.

said my thanks to the Universe for what was around me and didn’t get upset

You know what, it felt good. Lo and behold, coupled with the kids going off to school again, it was a great day. I even noticed throughout the day, which didn’t actually start too smoothly after I had put down my microphone, I mean toothbrush. There was a hiccup in the morning plans, but I rolled with it, said my thanks to the Universe for what was around me and didn’t get upset, didn’t get flustered and didn’t go crawling back into bed. I even said thank you (for the extra exercise) when I had to make a second journey to pick up a package because I hadn’t taken ID with me the first time.

So this is my first step to achieving my dreams, thanks to E-cubed. The first thought experiment is out there and I want to see what happens from there and of course I’ll report back in, because it’s too early to say at the moment, with the results. So in a nutshell, be happy, say thanks and ask the Universe to deliver, because it apparently, has your back no matter what, more so if you just let go and trust.

Pending Results

How will the Universe let me know that the Field of Potential is real?
What amusing thing will come my way?
Will I be happier just by choosing to be, is it that easy?

But don’t just follow my journey and my results, because they are mine. You can do your own. Either get yourself a copy of the book and join in the journey, or even if you keep it as simple as pretending to be Freddie Mercury in the bathroom mirror to wake yourself up each morning, it apparently does make a difference.


2 responses to “Making it. Making it real

  1. Lovely message Lee, and found at that exact moment of waking up and pushing myself to the first few moments of looking at a computer screen to try and write a few words. I feel exactly the same way, that first half hour is crucial to your mental well being… your happiness for the day, as if being introduced to a stranger and having to judge a first impression that will form that friendship. And why not? Every new day should feel different right, even though we like routine to know what we are doing, we like to also have something, or someone new in our lives to keep us at our best level. To keep us game ready to challange ourselves by challenging the world. Geez, see, I’m spouting philosophy… and it’s way too early.

    Thank you for the message 🙂

    • Thanks Mark. Yes, it’s worked tremendously for me in setting up my day. It’s becomming a very nice habit and it’s the first thing that pops into my head of waking. I do my little affirmation that something wonderful’s going to happen and immediately feel charged and happy! Cheers mate!

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