New Release – Nut Stuffing

nutstuffNot every family gathering is one full of joy and cheer. Erin stares bleakly at the walls of ice which exist between members of her family, particularly those between herself and her sister. It started years ago in childhood but then the Nut Stuffing and the unwanted gift under the tree takes it all to another level.

A festive gathering with little genuine cheer attached. The nut stuffing has ruined Erin’s meal, her day and perhaps her life. This story is a snapshot of fake relationships and of biting the tongue in order to play nice with family out of obligation and in trying to keep everyone happy, even though everyone clearly is not.

Author Notes: I just remember writing this after experiencing, quiet dynamics in a family gathering. It was just a brief exploration of how tongues get held more often than not, just because of relationships and truths often get silenced. Sometimes it is hard keeping it all in.

Price: Nut Stuffing – Free Download


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