The WordPress posts that never were and never will be

Looking at that blank page. That often spoke of blank page of doom that just seems to suck every ounce of creativity from your DNA. It’s one of those things that all writers have faced, all writers have written about and you can find information and help everywhere on the internet to try and get past that blank page syndrome when the writers block kicks in.typewriter-1031024_1280

Well, here’s my take on it. The bulk of my writing work is done with a pen and a notebook. That’s where all of my scribbled thoughts come to life, but lately I’ve been struggling to deliver through that medium which I have found so trusty and faithful to my writing process. It hasn’t quite been happening to the same prolific intent, so I needed something new.

Put my in front of a word processor and I shut down. Way back when, when I first started writing, everything was done at a computer, be it at home or when I was taking breaks at work (yes, it happened). But then at some point I transposed myself over to writing with pen and paper as it felt much better, I could get thoughts out quicker, scribble notes in the columns and circle and underline things and draw smiley faces if I wanted to.

I have had several attempts at starting what I call ‘my masterpiece’, a novel length endeavour that I have to get out of my head. The story is up in my head and it has been there brewing for a long, long time and I will spend time before falling asleep or out on runs adding to it and editing the story line and characters. But has anything been written down/typed up (why do you write things down, but type things up incidentally? – answers below please)?


I’ve sat down with a book and pen a tried to get things writing and flowing yet it hasn’t happened. I’ve stared at the blank word processing file with nothing happening. But then for some reason, WordPress came swooping in like a superhero in golden underpants to rescue me. It was there all along and I didn’t realise what I had.

What do I have? A writing platform, one that enables me and encourages me to write in short bites. Yes, I am penning out my new writing with WordPress posts! I don’t know why, getting into the mindset of it being a blog post, whereas it is really just part of a bigger story, is maybe tricking my brain into thinking that there is a sense of completion. That a nice little bundle will be wrapped up in one session. Small pieces of a bigger puzzle.

Yes, it is typing just the same as in a word processor. I know that, but there is a different feel about writing the story as posts. There’s something more finite than just knowing the purpose of the word-processing file is to go on and on and on. When I’m writing a blog post, it is a short, sharp, concise process. That’s what I need for my fiction writing.

It doesn’t matter how many posts I start for sections of my story writing, there’s just something nice about treating it as a short post and wrapping everything up in one session. I’ve even been writing short stories as single blog posts. I’m not posting them of course, I’ll send them off for spell checking and editing elsewhere.

But it is just the platform, something to use instead of the regular means of writing, that has been getting me going again, getting me past the blank page syndrome. Hopefully it lasts until my great creation is out of my head.


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