The Awakening of Adam Capello – Review

I found this gem on Smashwords, which is a great depository for discovering new authors. I love it there, have read plenty, but this book, The Awakening of Adam Capello is one of those few which really stands out head and shoulders above the crowd among the books that I have read from there.


The Awakening of Adam Capello

First up the subject of past lives and indeed future lives. This is something that I am familiar with as my wife is a trained Hypnotherapist and I have sat through Past Life Regressions. You can catch a view of some of them as well on youtube and I myself, have undergone one. So the subject matter is fascinating to me and even if you haven’t touched on the topic before, pick up the book because you’ll have question after question about it when you have finished.

You will, I’m pretty assured, have interest in the subject when you are done, even if you didn’t before. You just can’t help but wonder. The book flows brilliantly and it is snappy, quick chapters of the different lives that the protagonist goes through. You fully live those other life experiences with Adam and the descriptive nature of the prose really engages and pulls you in.

The book asks some great questions, like what if you had been Hitler in a past life, would you deserve to be punished for it today? This is the compilation of past lives, what bearing does your past experiences have on who you are today. Is it still you? Are those pieces from each life contributing something to who you are now?

Then there is the future. Where is the journey taking you, what lives are you going to fall into next. What if you could connect with your future self. What would you have to say?

The Awakening of Adam Capello explores this topic wonderfully, with the exploration of lives being fully encouraged in the societal set up in the book. You really feel for and empathise with Adam on his discoveries, such as the lost loves that have passed him by and the overwhelming amount of information that has to be processed by him. Humour is a great remedy for him as he of course is not only exploring who he was, but who he is.

The end of the book isn’t the end of the book, which is fantastic. What I mean by that is that when you have absorbed the last work of this book, you will still be thinking about it and have so many questions about it all. It will stay with you long after you have finished it.

The Awakening of Adam Capello will get you thinking, the descriptive imagery throughout is wonderful and you’ll find yourself putting yourself in Adam shoes and wondering about it all. Thoroughly engaging, exploring a deep topic without forgetting to relate to the reader.


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