Lee A Jackson Smashwords Sale – Free Downloads!

It’s that time of the year again with the launch of the latest Smashwords Sale! This is a big promotion where all authors on the site have the opportunity to promote their books at discount price. It is a great time to discover new readers and try out something new.

I have placed all of my books in the promotion and all of them are FREE! That’s right, through to July 31 you can grab a copy of any of my published books for free!!

While the books are going out free and they can be downloaded in any format for whatever device you will be reading it on, if you enjoy something, please leave some constructive feedback on the site because that helps me get discovered even more!

I have a lot of books up at Smashwords, from deep dark offerings like A Soul of Stone, S&M and Delphine, to humour in Only Watching North and Kamikzake Trinitroluene.

Here are a few of my recommended reads for you! For the full library head over to my Smashwords Profile Page!

A Cerberus Jaw

A Cerberus Jaw

A Cerberus Jaw

Clay’s life has been one of control. A life planned and everything in order. Order to everything, from walking the same path every day, to a rigid shaving ritual. But when the Coffee Bang happens, everything in Clay’s world gets turned upside down and nemesis Cerberus starts to finally get its teeth into him. An ever increasing chaos starts affecting his life to the point where he is no longer in control, and certainly no longer in control of what he sees in his reflection in the mirror. It is a reflection which horrifies him, and pulls him back into a dark place.


S & M

S & M

S & M

Are you listening closely? Pay attention as you are taken on a guided tour down to the basement by the artist who has created his most wonderful spectacle yet. It is a very intimate, very intense one-on-one with the artist, but what lies in wait at the end of the story that you are taken through? Is the art installation which is hidden underneath the stairs an aberration or a sublime beauty because of the source of its inspiration? It’s for you to decide.




The Crawling

The Crawling

The Crawling

Alex wanted to change, wanted to be noticed, but there was a price to pay. Increasing horrors mount for her in the aftermath of her procedure, the crawling sensations inside of her give rise to an ominous blackness which overcomes her. The paranoia from the shadows which Alexis glimpses trailing her every move, are heightened when she hears them in her apartment, hears them getting ever closer to her. With her domain no longer a safe-house, she has only one choice. She has to run. But is there something to run to? Will the crawling stop?




Destination B(1)

Destination B

Five short stories about reaching out for something, trying to get somewhere. The stories range from not being able to reach a destination, such as in the Everyman who experiences the outside world vicariously through those he watches, to trying to reach a place of acceptance that Poppy turns to the Worry Tree to find, to the lingering effects of past destinations and where they leave us in My War Gone By. These are five short stories which will take you on your own journey.



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