The Willow Land – Pre-orders now being sold

What, as an author do I need most? Inspiration? A full coffee-pot? Time? Well we all need some of that of course, but most of all I need readers. The ideas that fall out of my head need somewhere to go, they need to be read and over the last year I have been exploring the world of publishing.

It all started over at Smashwords back at the start of 2015, which has been great for the bulk of my work, that being short stories. It has been a great platform on which to launch myself but now I am venturing out into pastures new with an eye towards getting some of my longer works published. Yes, I have a novel idea.

Therefore I now announce that I have a project on Inkshares which I need support for.

I have started selling pre-orders of The Willow Land, which is a bit of a deviation from dark and twisted worlds that I go to in my short stories, to a lighter focus on societal differences, with of course, my little twists thrown in there as nothing is ever as it first appears. This actually started a few years ago as a NANOWRIMO project but it has been on the backburner for a while, waiting for me to get back to it. It’s a full length novel, so time intensive and a lot of editing and stuff going on there. Now it would seem, it is the time for it to get a taste of the publishing world.

The Willow Land is about a snobbish socialite, who heads out to the country to rent a big house where she can impose herself on the community and be adored and highly regarded. But there’s a mysterious man living in the shed at the bottom of her garden, who she can’t get rid of and she also has to deal with her husband who is caught between two worlds of keeping up appearances and the allure of living freely.

Here’s how the Inkshares project work for The Willow Land!

You can pre-order an ebook for $10.00 or $20.00 for a signed, yes a signed paperback copy!!

At the time of posting there are 80 days for the project to reach 750 pre-orders. If the target is hit then Inkshares will publish, market, edit, design and print the whole thing. Should it sadly not reach the target, you would get your money back from Inkshares. This is a personal appeal as this is a whole new adventure for me.

I don’t have the finished manuscript of The Willow Land down at the moment, I will be working on that for the duration of the project to be ready and hopefully it will get out there to at least 750 readers!

I will be keeping readers up to date with the project through my blog and over Facebook and Twitter as I progress, with new edits, cover design, progress reports and sample chapters.

I sincerely hope that you can help me on my journey by backing my writing dreams. So please share, the more people who see this, the closer the project will get to completion! You can just share the link: around.




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