Free yourself for Smashwords Read an Ebook Week

It is Smashwords Read an Ebook Week!

What does that mean to you? Well, because of the promotional week you will have the chance to get a copy of five of my published Ebooks for free. That’s a big fat zero for a copy of A Cerberus Jaw, Blue Jay, S & M, The Crawling and Destination B. They normally go for 99c each up on the Smashwords site, but for this week only through to March 12th, you will be able to get them for free. tablet-690032_1280If you do and you enjoy what you have read, please take some time to leave me some constructive feedback on the Smashwords site as that helps me enormously.

Here’s the breakdown of the FREE ebooks this week from the Lee A Jackson collection:

Destination B
These are five short stories with the theme of destinations, which takes you on your own journey. How easily can you affect the world around you? How easily can you shut it all out and escape? How easy is it just to just stand and watch the world go by, or even forget that it has?

Blue Jay
Jay awakens in unfamiliar surroundings of a white cell, with just a bunk, a table, a book and a pen. But why have her captors left the door open deliberately? Is it a test of her behaviour? Is there a way out of the building and more importantly, just who is watching her in the prison, a prison which upon exploration, is devoid of all other prisoners

What beauty is in the basement under the stairs? The true work of the artist, or the true nightmare for the subject? A short story where the thin line between sanity and madness (S & M) is both explored and exposed, as you descend the basement stairs to see his greatest work yet.

The Crawling
Change comes at a stiff price for Alex. She had only wanted to be noticed, but after the surgery she receives more attention than she had ever bargained for. The encroaching shadows. The impersonal interactions. Alex changes but they are not the positive changes that she had wished for. Instead the crawling blackness that they put in her dominates and takes her further away from herself.

A Cerberus Jaw
Clay has long been taunted by the ferocious Cerberus on his route to meet Elsa at the Tea Room. One day the beast finally watches Clay’s life fall into chaotic ruin midst the devastation of the Coffee Bang. The facial anomaly that Clay discovers in the mirror as he tries to cope with ensuing entropy following the event, sucks him deeper and deeper into a black hole of despair.


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