A Cerberus Jaw – A year on from Smashwords launch

A Cerberus JAWJust a year ago, I started publishing on Smashwords. The first short story that I put up on there was called ‘A Cerberus Jaw’. One year on and I wanted to mark the occasion with a special promotion and give away copies of ‘A Cerberus Jaw’ for free.

A Cerberus Jaw – Lee A Jackson

Clay’s life has been one of control. A life planned and everything in order. Order to everything, from walking the same path every day, to a rigid shaving ritual. But when the Coffee Bang happens, everything in Clay’s world gets turned upside down and nemesis Cerberus starts to finally get its teeth into him. An ever increasing chaos starts affecting his life to the point where he is no longer in control and certainly no longer in control of what he sees in his reflection in the mirror. It is a reflection which horrifies him and pulls him back into a dark place.

The regular price of the story is only 99c but being first out of the blocks, perhaps it got overlooked a bit on the journey. So now you can grab it for free and hopefully enjoy the story. I remember all the trepidation and the concerns over actually taking that first step of getting the story published and really putting myself out there. I remember I chose this particular story to start with because it is one of the most favourite concepts which I have come up with.

It’s dark, it’s twisted and yet there is humour in there.

Having the courage to put my work out there was a hard place to get to. That is why my stories have been on the back-burner for so very long (some of them around 20 years believe it or not!). It feels very awkward to be placing yourself under such scrutiny and even the tinniest of error, a missed comma or something, feels like it would be blown up out of all proportions and ruin the whole enterprise. Now I have gotten to the point where there is a little bit of a rush in getting one completed and waiting for the publication confirmation on Smashwords. Of course then comes the questioning over whether or not you’ve still have an editing oversight, but you simply have to move on at some point.

Just Start

img_0364It came down to a factor of being alright with imperfections if they are there. I write, I self edit (which is tough and demanding) and design the covers and do the formatting myself. So maybe things aren’t always going to be perfect, but that’s OK. I realise that this is a journey, this is a project of growth and at the end of the day, it’s just about getting started. I will refer you to another of my posts on here, JUST START. It took me many, many years to get to that and actually start.

But it’s not just about starting, it is about finishing as well. It is about completing a journey, even in a sense, completing the journey of a character. It is about letting a story go and trusting that enough editing is enough, which has been another hard aspect of the process for me. There has always been a sense that a story needs another edit, needs another read through, needs tweaking here and there and it becomes and endless cycle which goes nowhere.

I found that it is OK to stop, take a breath, step back and put it out there.

Destination B

As part of my anniversary celebrations, you can grab Destination B, a five-story release that I did. Like ‘A Cerberus Jaw’ it will be free through to the end of January, 2016. To get this one, go over to Smashwords and use the Promo Code BG59Y


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