Kamikaze Trinitrotoluene blows up Smashwords count race

Kamikaze Trinitrotoluene

Kamikaze Trinitrotoluene

I couldn’t help but just sit back and watch the exciting race. Buried in the dashboard of Smashwords, ever since I submitted my first short story to be published on there ( which was back in July 2015) I have just been watching the numbers of all my publications creep up.

Granted it hasn’t been the most thrilling of races. It’s not one that has kept me glued to the computer screen, making me forget about time and space. It’s crept along at proverbial snail’s pace.

That first short story that I published on Smashwards, A Soul of Stone, which is about a man who fights with inner demons and can only find salvation in becoming a gargoyle, has yet to hit the 100 downloads mark at Smashwords. Some of my stories just haven’t gone that well and it is funny to sit back and analyse how your own work is perceived.

The funny thing about my book stats is that the majority of my own personal favourites which I have written have failed to make the 100 downloads mark. For those interested, A Cerberus Jaw, S & M and the Salvation of Sam are among my favourites which haven’t flown off the virtual shelf. It’s nothing to be despondent about, of course, someone reading it is better than no-one ever glancing at it.

However, this week, one of my ebooks became the first to reach the 200 downloads mark. That’s right, creeping up on the inside as it was one of my more recently published ones, Kamikaze Trinitrotulene has bceome my first Smashwords story to reach 200. So I thought it was worth recording for posterity. As a note, it is also one my personal favourites. So this post, it’s a little celebratory pat on the back for myself considering that it took me around ten years from the time I finish writing Kamikaze Trinitrotoluene to actually getting it published. Anyway, to celebrate, here’s a snippet from it.

Still grinning coldly back in the kitchen, Janet was sat mulling over events. She hadn’t approved of her husband’s drinking antics, but she had tolerated it for four years, because after all she had married him for his money and not for him. She had taken his money, grown even richer off it as he continued to slave away the hours in the office, just biding her time until the big life insurance payout. For now she had her lovely house, a Ferrari in the garage and a Mercedes on the driveway, her diamonds and pearls, her extremely profitable sycophantic contacts with the seedy underbelly of Lincoln’s crime consortium and of course, her dashing young handyman, Tom.

The story, which trundles along with menace and dark humour to a blistering enthralling climax, is about a man who is so lost in routine and escape that he doesn’t notice that his abandoned, fed up wife has planted a big surprise for him one day. A surprise that should see him shuffle off his mortal coil. Of course it doesn’t all quite go exactly to plan with comical misfortunes.

Oh, if you want to help the download count for Kamikaze Trinitrotoluene grow, the short story is free to download at Smashwords!


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