New Release – A Soul of Stone

Soul of Stone

Soul of Stone

A Soul of Stone

Peyroux has been looking for escape from his childhood, but not even the darkness of his attic can afford him the respite from the voices in his head. But has he finally stumbled upon a savior? As Sebastian enters his life, Peyroux is filled with a new bravery to face the outside world again and to fight the voices.

But as Peyroux fails to handle the stresses of life on the streets, it seems as if Sebastian alone cannot help him stem the tide and once again the overwhelming volume of the internal chattering brings Peyroux to his knees.

From the confines of his hospital bed, he goes in search of further help by scanning the skyline of Rouen for inspiration from the purity and strength from the Gargoyles that adorn the city’s Cathedral.

Get the full book FREE from here (any format): A Soul of Stone


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