A Cerberus Jaw – Lee A Jackson

A Cerberus Jaw

A Cerberus Jaw

Clay has long been taunted by the ferocious Cerberus on his route to meet Elsa at the Tea Room. One day the beast finally watches Clay’s life fall into chaotic ruin midst the devastation of the Coffee Bang. The facial anomaly that Clay discovers in the mirror as he tries to cope with ensuing entropy following the event, sucks him deeper and deeper into a black hole of despair.

Clay’s life has been one of control. A life planned and everything in order. Order to everything, from walking the same path every day, to a rigid shaving ritual. But when the Coffee Bang happens, everything in Clay’s world gets turned upside down and nemesis Cerberus starts to finally get its teeth into him. An ever increasing chaos starts affecting his life to the point where he is no longer in control, and certainly no longer in control of what he sees in his reflection in the mirror. It is a reflection which horrifies him and pulls him back into a dark place.

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