Starting Writing

I realise the symmetry between trying to rattle off the first blog post on here and staring at that infamous blank page when trying to get a story out of my head.  Generally I have a cluster of ideas running around my mind but then when I pull out the blank sheet of paper, opening the door for them all to fall out, everything simply gets squashed in the doorway in a wonderfully, but annoyingly comedic fashion.

So my writer’s block. It’s not so much about never having ideas, it is not about not having something to say that brings about the big freeze. It’s a lack of ability to get all of the thoughts out in an orderly fashion so that nothing gets missed. It’s just finding that one detail in the whole cluster of thoughts that needs to come out first to allow everything else to follow through in its natural course.

So I’m just starting this blog with whatever falls out of my head here. It turns out that the first thought out was about getting out a first thought on the blog.

There are countless tips for overcoming writer’s block out there, everything from knowing that sometimes you are just going to write garbage, to just writing anything because it is the best way to beat procrastination, to putting on classical music, to drinking coffee and even going and taking a nap (quite how that conquers procrastination is a mystery) to undergoing Hypnotherapy to help unleash the creative juices but beating the procrastination habits out of your subconscious.

I’m sure that this is a topic which is going to come up time and time again. Writer’s block can also happen for other reasons, such as lack of real belief in an idea or not having a clear picture of the character you are writing about.  I know it will come time and time again down the line.

There’s my first post then. The blog has been up for a while, but now comes the full intention to build and expand it. So there we are, the blanks have been filled in and we are up and running.

Oh yes, why not check out some of my Smashwords ebooks if you are having some reading block?


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