Kamikaze Trinitrotoluene

Kamikaze Trinitrotoluene

Kamikaze Trinitrotoluene

Kamikaze Trinitrotoluene

Archibald is clouded and hungover on his start to the day. He misses vital clues around him about the dangers which are waiting for him outside of the house. They are dangers which have all been put in place by his wife Janet, who is looking forward to finally having the perfect life without him around. Thanks to her local crime consortium connections, all it will take is the push of a plunger.

After another night of heavy drinking, Archibald fails to notice some important clues around him as he faces up to the daily grind again. They are clues which would have warned him of impending danger. His wife Janet however, is feeling on top of the world with everything in place to take care of some important household business. But her devious master-plan to make sure that Archibald never finds his way back home again fails dramatically because of extenuating events.

Author Notes: I was just playing around with this story written back in 1997. In particular it simply came into being because I wanted to write a long, breathless paragraph in a story to see how it would heighten the drama and experience of all the chaos that was happening. As a bonus, the story turned out as some great dark humour which I like!

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