Dreaming Falling Down – Lee A Jackson

Dreaming Falling Down

Dreaming Falling Down

Dreaming Falling Down

Instead of death, Abraham chooses salvation that is offered by a dark stranger. Given a purpose and a duty to perform, Abraham is left in a dark world where no questions are asked and where everyone lives in fear of the Three Sisters. But the Sisters have caught up with him, are hunting him down and Abraham finally gets to see what is inside of the black boxes which he delivers.

After contemplating crossing the threshold over from this life, a broken life, into eternal darkness, Abraham is visited by the dark stranger. The offer of salvation, the offer of having a purpose is a strong enough lure to make him hand himself over to the stranger. But instead of a bright new hope, he finds instead a long, suffering torture where he fulfills his duties under the cover of night. It is a duty which isn’t clear of purpose to him. Just deliver the black boxes and never look inside of them. Simple rules, but the Three Sisters, the fabled harbingers that the Deliverers fear, are coming for him.
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